After Edible Oils and Cooking Gas, Wheat Price Go Up!

Mon May 09 2022 12:31:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Every person needs basic necessities for his/her living. When we talk about the necessities, three things flash in our mind which are Roti Kapada Aur Makaan (.Food, Clothing, and Shelter). Given the soaring prices and steel and cement, it is a hard dream for a common man to have his/her own house.

Forget about own house, the current developments hint that common people might find it hard to get even food as the prices are growing up with each passing day. The edible oils and cooking gas have already reached an all-time high breaking the back of consumers.

Even the lemon price has also increased and each lemon is being sold for between 10-15 rupees. Joining the list, the wheat price is also going up steadily. A recent study found that the average price of wheat price is around Rs 33 per kilo, which is the highest in the past 12 years.

While Roti is made of Wheat, Roti means common food here. Roti consumption is very high in the northern belt of India. The prices of food products are reaching new heights in India with inflation.

On average, a family is spending three to four thousand extra on groceries it used to spend here. The prices of oil, food grains, spices, rice, and others are soaring showing stars to consumers in broad daylight. As wheat had also joined the list, getting Roti will be even more costly.

Looking at the reasons for the wheat price hike, India had already exported big amount of wheat to other nations and the number is likely to go up in the current financial year as the wheat production and supply in many nations have stopped due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Experts say that the wheat production and stock levels in India have been reduced due to various reasons like recent rains in a few regions and the high temperature that had impacted the wheat production. With the exports expected to go further up, the prices are expected to increase as the demand has been increasing day by day. As a result, the prices of biscuits and bread might also increase.