What Has Changed In Telangana? Only Name-Boards?

Sat Sep 07 2019 12:32:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

When Telangana was being carved out, several pundits said that nothing would change in Telangana even after becoming a separate state. Everything would remain the same, they predicted. Many people not just vehemently disagreed, but also branded the naysayers as anti-Telanganites. But, nearly six years after the state was formed and a government is in place, here comes the first confirmation that nothing has changed in Telangana in six years. And the confirmation has come from a TRS man himself. And he is no ordinary TRS worker, he is a two-time MLA and someone who was very active all through the Telangana agitation.

It's Rasamayi Balkishan, the Manakonduru MLA, saying this. Addressing a meeting recently in Karimnagar, he said that he had visited the school he taught while AP was undivided and has again visited it recently. He said there was no change at all. "There was no improvement whatsoever in amenities, facilities and infrastructure. Nothing changed except the name board, where instead of AP, there is Telangana," he said.  He said there is no development in the situation, he said. He said he was doing plain-talking and was not afraid of speaking his mind.

This severe indictment coming as it is from one of the diehard supporters of separate Telangana movement exposes the claims of the TRS government that Golden Telangana has been ushered in once the new government took over. Come to think of it, Rasamayi is a TRS MLA himself....!!