After India, Apple Too Shocks Chinese Gaming Apps

Tue Jul 07 2020 12:10:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ever since India gave a shock of the life to Chinese apps through its well-calibrated digital surgical strike, the Chinese companies fear more strikes from across the world. On Monday, the US biggie Apple has removed over 4500 mobiles games of Chinese origin. This has come after making several changes in the acts relating to the gaming licences.

The Apple has argued that several apps did not have any legal permissions. Also, some were found to be violating the mobile gaming regulations of the U. Hence, the Apple Store has decided to take them down. The Apple said that this was not a sudden decision and added that  all legal aspects have been taken into account before this decision. The Apple further said that it had warned the Chinese that there would be stricter regulation from June 30, 2020.The Government of India's decision to ban 59 apps is likely to cause a loss of up to 45000 crore to China

Meanwhile, there is a growing clamour in the US to ban Chinese apps like Cam Scanner and Tik Tok on the lines of Government of India. If this happens, the Chinese gaming and mobile companies are in for huge losses.