After US, Australia too declares India a red zone country!

Fri Apr 23 2021 15:33:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

The spike in fresh Coronavirus infections in India at an alarming level is forcing other countries to rethink to permit flights from the country. One after the other country is cutting flights from India.

Australia has announced that the flights from India to Sydney will be reduced by 30 percent. To cut short the flight services, the Australian government declared India ‘No go, Zone'

India was added to the list of red zone countries by the Australian government. Australia is cutting the flight services from India. With this, the passengers might find it difficult to get permission to reach Australia.

Australia became the second nation after the United States to add India under the category of red-zone nations. Recently, the United States declared India as a red zone country.

Addressing the reporters, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, the announcement on when the new restrictions will come into effect.

As per the instructions that are effective right now, the passengers landing in Australia from other nations have to observe a quarantine period of two weeks at dedicated centers.

Australia, which is in plans to intensify the ongoing vaccination drive against the Coronavirus, announced the cutting of the flight services so that the nation will not have to face unwanted circumstances.