Agnipath Scheme Triggers Violent Protests, Train Bogie Burnt!

Thu Jun 16 2022 17:29:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite claiming themselves as giving freehand to the army at the borders, the BJP government is accused of not starting the selection drive for the aspirants to join the national army. A few aspirants held protests demanding the Union government start the drive.

Amid this, the Union government surprised everyone by announcing Agnipath Scheme, which allows the youth to get recruited into the army. The announcement made by the centre did not go well with the aspirants who have been waiting to hear from the government on the recruitment.

Not happy with the new scheme, youths in various parts of the country hit the roads to protest against the scheme. But the protests in Bihar turned violent as angry protestors set a train bogie on fire which was damaged completely. The passersby shot the video and shared it on social media.

The angry protesters reached the Bhabua Road Railway Station in Bihar's Kaimur district and gathered in big numbers. Later, they set the train on fire. Just like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh also saw violent protests as youths came onto the roads.

Though violence also took place in Uttar Pradesh, the protest was not violent as it was in Bihar. Looking at the problematic situation, the cops reached the spot and used tear gas to clear the crowd. Many states saw violent protests opposing the new scheme.