Ahead of her proposed Deeksha, Telangana Police shocks Sharmila!

Wed Apr 14 2021 16:21:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Sharmila, who is on a mission to provide Rajanna Rahyam for the public of Telangana is taking the required steps in this regard. She will launch her political outfit on July 8 this year.

While addressing the gathering at her first big public meeting ahead of her political journey in Telangana, Sharmila said, she will observe a three-day Deeksha against the ruling TRS government.She announced the Deeksha demanding the government to release the job notification for more than one lakh jobs in the state.

While Sharmila is gearing up for the Deeksha, she faced a big blow after the Telangana Police granted permission for only one day for her Deeksha, media reports claimed.

YS Sharmila has applied for the Police permission for the Deeksha she announced earlier. As a reply, the Telangana Police Department permitted the Deeksha for a single day.

The Telangana Police Department gave permission for April 15 only, out of the three days Sharmila applied for. The Cops permitted the Deeksha from 10 AM to 5 PM on the 15th of this month.

Media reports claimed that, YS Sharmila has decided to sit for Deeksha for the remaining two days in Lotus Pond in Hyderabad, the family residence of the YSR family.

Since the start, Sharmila has fixed the TRS government as her target and in several instances, she lambasted the government for not fulfilling the election promises.