Aircraft Crashes Not New In Nepal, It Has A Long History!

Mon Jan 16 2023 16:05:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The harvest festival Sankranti which is a big festival in India is also celebrated in our neighboring nation Nepal. The festival is called Maghe Sankranti in Nepal. But the nation saw an unfortunate event the other day as an aircraft carrying more than 70 passengers crashed shortly before landing.

The majority of passengers passed away in the mishap. A video that is said to be recorded minutes before the crash shows the disastrous visuals and how the fun trip turned deadly. The aircraft was also said to be damaged completely. The concerned authorities are looking for the black box of the crashed aircraft.

Wishes are pouring in for the deceased victims. But the thing is that aircraft crashes in Nepal are not new and many times that happened. The aircraft crash history is so bad that the European nations put the nation on the flight safety blacklist.

A bunch of nations blacklisting Nepal speaks volumes about the worst history of aircraft crashes. The history goes back a few decades back. The first crash happened back in 1960.

The first air crash happened in 1969. An aircraft that belongs to the Royal Nepal airlines carrying more than 50 passengers crashed in July when it was en route to Sinara airport. As many as 35 people passed away. This includes 31 passengers and four crew members.

The next big crash was reported in 1992 in July. An air carrier with more than 100 passengers onboard crashed into a mountain near Kathmandu. Bad weather condition is said to be the reason behind this. As many as 113 victims passed away in this.

In the very same year, as many as 167 people onboard a Pakistan International Airlines vehicle lost control while landing at the Kathmandu airport. The flight's journey was between Karachi and Kathmandu. Shortly before landing it crashed.

1993 saw another crash that saw as many as 19 victims passing away. EverestAir's Dornier aircraft lost control near a hill area and crashed in Nepal. 16 passengers and three crew members died in this.

Seven years later another crash was reported in 2000 in July. An aircraft operated by Royal Nepal Airlines crashed before having a safe landing. 25 people died in this. The very next year a helicopter crashed killing Nepal's Princess Prekshya Shah and others.

2006 reported two disasters as far as aircraft crashes are concerned. In June a Yeti aircraft with six people onboard crashed. A helicopter crash left around 24 people dead in September.

September 2011, May 2012, May 2015, February 2016, March 2018, February 2019, and May 2022 saw deadly aircraft crashes. The recent aircraft crash also joined the list.