Akhila Priya Vs Subba Reddy Row: Reddy’s Daughter Steps In!

Wed May 17 2023 17:46:47 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Padayatra carried out by Nara Lokesh Yuvagalam is going on at a good pace and it completed the big milestone of completing 100 days. Recently, Lokesh's mother Bhuvaneswari took part in the yatra and walked for a small distance. After passing threw a few districts, the yatra entered the Nandyal region.

But the yatra ran into a big political controversy with a clash between two groups. Former minister Bhuma Akhila Priya and senior Telugu Desam Party leader AV Subba Reddy's groups had an argument which quickly escalated into a big fight. Subbareddy is said to have been beaten up. Chandrababu Naidu stepped in and said that such indiscipline will not be entertained.

The fight between Akhila Priya and Subba Reddy turned murkier with the entry of Jashwanthi Reddy, the daughter of Subba Reddy. On Facebook, she was live and Reddy addressed the issue and made some sensational comments.

In her video, Jashwanthi Reddy slammed Akhila Priya and said that she will pay for her mistakes and wrongdoings and God is seeing everything. Not stopping there, she also alleged that no one will not accept people like Akhila Priya who has a low-class mindset and the party leadership should rethink whether she deserves a ticket or not.

On the occasion, Jashwanthi Reddy said that either she or her father would run the elections from Nandyala or Allagadda in the upcoming elections if the party leadership gives a party ticket. She also made key comments on Akhila Priya's candidacy.

She went on to say that if Akhila Priya gets a party ticket, then she will work for her destroyal and she will try her level best to defeat Akhila Priya in the elections. Reddy said that Akhila Priya showed her level by attacking Subba Reddy, who treated her like a daughter.