Congress Minister,Akhtar slam Kangana on independence remark

Fri Nov 19 2021 12:09:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kangana Ranaut who became controversy's favorite child with landing in controversies every time is now facing heat from various corners due to her fresh controversy for making objectionable comments on the country's independence. Earlier, cases against her were filed against Kangana Ranaut for her comments. The controversy is getting bigger and bigger.

Veteran Bollywood Lyricist who earlier slapped Kangana Ranaut with a defamation suit had reacted to the controversy. Taking potshots at Kangana Ranaut, the Lyricist sarcastically asked why people have a problem when someone who is not connected with the freedom movement makes comments on this. Without taking her name, Javed Akhtar mentioned about bheek word in his tweet.

"It is totally understand . Why would all those who had nothing to do with freedom movement feel bad if some calls our freedom just a "bheek"," Javed Akhtar tweeted.

Joining the list of critics of Kangana Ranaut, Congress Minister Vijay Wadettiwar lashed out at the actress and said Kangana doesn't have the worth to take the name of Mahatma Gandhi, who played a big role in the freedom struggle.

The Minister said he thinks there is no need of talking about Kangana about her comments on Mahatma Gandhi. Vijay Wadettiwar termed Kangana Ranaut a "naachne wali". Where is Mahatma Gandhiji and where is Kangana Ranaut. It's not worth talking about the issue, he said.

Despite the controversy sending shocking waves, Kangana Ranaut is not showing any sign of slowing down. As a bid to defend her statements on independence, she highlighted the heroics of revolutionaries Subhas Chandra Bose and Chandra Shekhar Azad while indirectly targeting ahimsa path endorsed by Mahatma Gandhi.

The opposition parties are after Kangana Ranaut for her comments and demanding that the Padma Award presented to the actress at the recent Padma Awards ceremony should be taken back.

The controversy started after Kangana Ranaut who attended the Times Now summit and called independence as bheek. She went on to say that India's true independence came in 2014. Hitting back, BJP MP Varun Gandhi asked how come she can pass such comments and asked if she was mad or what.