Alexa & Tara - New Teachers For School Kids!

Wed Jul 10 2019 12:35:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Alexa is now the Teacher for School Kids in Rural Areas. Since 2018, Amazon's Voice Assistant has been offering it's services at Amravati Municipal Corporation (AMC) Warud School. The Device fitted perfectly in smart clothes and Voice coming through speakers connected through Bluetooth changed the learning style of students in this Marathi-medium Primary School.

Amol Bhoyar, who is one of the two teachers in the Primary School with 36 students, came up with the idea of giving a shape to the device. The whole set-up, be it trendy clothes, speakers and glasses costed anywhere around Rs 16,000. Rs 4,500 was spent for Amazon Echo Dot. Jio Connectivity ensures Alexa remains online during the School Hours.

Bengaluru-based startup Learning Matters has come up with it's own version of Alexa and it's been named as Tara which is now used in two schools in Tamil Nadu. This kind of approach improves the standards of teaching by a huge margin.

Teachers can commit mistakes, but Alexa or Tara could never go wrong. They make School Kids learn about correct pronunciations and correct their mistakes in a soft tone.