YS Viveka Case: All Doors Closed For Avinash Reddy?

Thu Mar 16 2023 11:02:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Things are not going well with Kadapa YSRCP MP Avinash Reddy as far as the YS Vivekananda Reddy's case is concerned. He is one of the accused in the case and the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) which is probing the matter questioned him in the case. Yet again he was asked by the central agency to appear before the officers.

YS Avinash Reddy was reportedly asked to face the questions and the new questioning session will mark the fifth questioning. The Central agency targeting him and grilling him regularly had raised many doubts about whether he would be the next target in the case. Usually, we don't see agencies questioning a person these many times.

The observers say that the agencies might have gathered key evidence and want to cross-check with him. On top of this, Avinash Reddy's father is also one of the accused in the case and the agency is yet to grill him. There is an opinion that the CBI officers would move on to Bhaskar Reddy, once they are done with Kadapa MP.

Looking at the ongoing developments in the case, there is a discussion on whether all doors are closed for the Kadapa MP in the case. At regular intervals, the investigating agencies are grilling him and each session is going on for long hours. His previous session is said to have lasted for over four hours.

No matter how hard Avinash Reddy is trying, he is unable to get relief. His letter to CBI asking him to take part in the Parliament session went unanswered and the High Court also said that it cannot do anything. Hearing a petition filed by the MP, the bench directed him to approach CBI only.

On top of the CBI not allowing him to miss the questioning and attend the Parliament session, Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy made some shocking allegations on the CBI that his version is being changed from what he said. His press meet created a sensation in state politics and the High Court also slammed him for this.

Considering the developments that happened in the case as of now, it appears that YS Avinash Reddy has no option left except for being a mere spectator. The CBI is not responding to his letter and calling him for questioning. On the other hand, the High Court said it cannot do anything. Earlier, the court said there is no need for Videography while Avinash records his statement.