All Eyes On Nara Lokesh's Padayatra, What Can He Do!

Mon Sep 19 2022 18:36:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Padayatras in Telugu states turned successful and leaders who did the Yatras became the Chief Ministers. T BJP Chief Bandi Sanjay is busy with the yatra. He is confident that the Yatra will give the required boost for the party. Taking forward the yatra trend, a young leader is gearing up for Yatra.

Former Minister Nara Lokesh, who is expected to lead the Telugu Desam Party in the future will get into action to do a yatra. Though the yatra date and schedule are yet to be announced, the TDP circles say it is confirmed that Nara Lokesh will meet the people as part of the Yatra.

The TDP supporters pinned high hopes on the yatra that Nara Lokesh will revive the party. There is nothing wrong with having hopes. But the question is how effectively Nara Lokesh can do the yatra. Chief Minister Jagan set a benchmark in doing yatra and he succeeded in that.

Nara Lokesh should be able to pull off a Jagan to make the Yatra successful. To be frank, Lokesh should do better than Jagan in Yatra. If he cannot do that it will not be good for his future and the party's future too. TDP is dealing with a crisis and the party needs a boost up.

Many leaders shifted their loyalties to YSRCP and the local leaders are fearing to openly support the party. The Party has no candidates for all the constituencies. As a single answer for this, TDP should be revived, and doing padayatra is a big mission and the responsibility is on Lokesh's shoulders

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