All New Young Blood For Jana Sena Revamp

Sat Jun 29 2019 18:30:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan received the shock of his life with 2019 Elections. He realised that relying on popular personalities who come from other parties won't yield good results and they would ditch him at anytime depending on the situation.

For the upcoming Local Body Elections, Pawan Kalyan is preferring all new young blood to revive the party fortunes. Youngsters who are willing to put up a spirited fight abiding by the principles of Jana Sena Party will be given high priority.

During the recent review meeting in Vijayawada, A Senior Leader expressed the view that it's not advisable to offer responsibility to Youngsters. Pawan Kalyan responded seriously, 'Shouldn't we focus on expanding the reach of the party? Should it be restricted to you and your coterie? New Blood should flow into the party. All the communities should receive equal representation. Those who disobey my decision will have to face stringent action. I am the only one during 2014 Elections. Few Leaders have joined the party after 2014 Polls. We need to expand the reach of the party by 2024. Better if we hire Youngsters who have people's acceptance...5 Years later, They will emerge as strong leaders'.