Amalapuram Violence: Why Intel officials were caught napping?

Wed May 25 2022 19:50:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why did the intelligence completely fail in anticipating the violence in Konaseema? Why did the intel agencies, which snoop around practically one everyone, did not have the faintest idea of the impending arson, violence and ransacking? Questions are now being asked as to how the intel agencies failed in getting advance information about the gathering of the people in Konaseema to protest against the naming of the district after Ambedkar.

The gathering of such a huge crowd required a lot of ground work and preparation. The targets are fixed in advance. Even as the people were gathering in such large numbers, the intelligence department and the police completely failed in alerting the government and the political leaders. The rampaging mob burnt two houses of Minister Pinipe Viswaroop and MLA Ponnada Satish.

Quite strangely, there were no cops when the minister's house was set on fire. The mob threw petrol sachets into the fire that has engulfed the minister's house. More curiously, the fire tenders did not reach Amalapuram till 10.30 PM on Tuesday. This shows the total failure of the administration in handling the situation.

It may be recalled that the intelligence department had failed to anticipate the massive turnout of the government employees when there was a strike for a pay hike. An angry YS Jagan had in fact removed the then DGP Gowtham Sawang for his failure to control the entry of the government employees into Vijayawada city.  In fact, Tuesday's incident was much more serious as it was violent and the minister and the MLA escaped only by the skin of their teeth.