Amaravati Farmers request President to allow 'mercy killing'

Thu Jan 02 2020 11:20:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Amaravati region is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent times. Starting with the announcement made by AP CM Jagan in the state assembly and opposition parties and the public and farmers one or the other news is erupting in news constantly.

Adding much fuel to the dispute, the farmers of the capital region have written a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind and urged him to permit "mercy killing" as the government is very firm on shifting the capital city from Amaravati.

Navuluru farmers have requested President to intervene in this dispute and halt the shifting process of capital from Amaravati or grant them permission for mercy killing.


"We intend to die because all doors for solution have been closed and the government of Andhra Pradesh is pursuing revenge against the people of Amaravati. We cannot withstand the onslaught of the government through police force. We opine that death is an ultimate form of protest against the governments that do not guarantee constitutional rights," the letter of farmers read.


"It is in this backdrop that we, with our families, have come on to the streets and are protesting for the past 14 days against the shifting of Amaravati. Nobody from the government is paying an ear to our woes," the farmers observed.


"We are raising this supposedly strange demand (for mercy killing) only to highlight our plight and request your excellency to grant us permission," they added.