Amaravati Yatris confused about Jagan's strategies on 3 capitals

Wed Nov 24 2021 17:51:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Contrary to the publicity by the pro-YSRCP media, the Amaravati farmers padayatra is drawing considerable crowds even outside Guntur and Krishna belt. The farmers, who have refused to call of their padayatra even after the government withdrew the 3-capital bill, is now in the interior areas of South Rayalaseema. They distributed sweets but went ahead with their yatra.

But, there is confusion among the yatris. Will AP have one capital or three capitals? If it is going to be only on capital, then will it be Amaravati or Vizag? Will Jagan really come back with a revised bill for three capitals in place of the legally faulty present bill? All these questions have killed the initial euphoria and gave way to sullenness. Hence the yatris have decided only to go ahead with the yatra.

The yatra began on December 1  and has been going on unabated for the last 24 days. The yatra will culminate at Tirupati on December 22. The TDP has been openly backing the yatra. Narsaraopet TDP incharge Chadalawada Aravind Babu has donated Rs 3 lakh to the yatra. He and his followers have washed the feet of the yatris. Nellore TDP leader Beeda Ravichandra too has donated Rs 3 lakh to the yatris.