America Has This To Say On BBC’s Documentary On Modi!

Tue Jan 24 2023 17:45:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The United Kingdom's national broadcaster British Broadcasting Corporation recently made a documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots. Part one of it was released recently. Titled "The Modi Question," the documentary talks about the riots. However, the documentary ran into a big controversy quickly.

As the documentary raises a few questions about the involvement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the riots who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat then, the Indian government said that the documentary is not factual and is propaganda. The documentary has been banned.

The controversial documentary also became sensational in other nations. A few days back a question on this was raised before the United Kingdom Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak said that he did not like the representation of Narendra Modi. However, he concluded the answer by saying that he will not support any violence.

Now the issue has become a sensation in the United States too. A Pakistani journalist asked about the United States's reaction at a press briefing. US State Department spokesperson Ned Price tok the question and said that he has no idea about the documentary that was aired by the BBC.

He added that America and India are two vibrant democracies and both nations have good ties. The official said that America had voiced its opinion as per the actions taken in India whenever America had an occasion.

"I'm not familiar with the documentary you're referring to. I am very familiar with the shared values that enact the United States and India as two thriving, vibrant democracies. When we have concerns about actions that are taken in India, we've voiced those we've had an occasion to do that," he said.

Commenting on a top leader of a country would hinder the ties between two nations. America and India have been sharing good ties. When the Covid pandemic hit the world, India lent a helping hand by sending medical supplies.

If India would have not sent the medical supplies then America would have gone through an even more serious situation. America went through a few waves triggered by the deadly virus. The United States was the worst-hit nation with the Covid outbreak.