America Preferring China, Pakistan over India?

Thu Sep 29 2022 18:20:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Land of opportunities America is the dreamland for many and Indians are not an exemption from this. But the waiting period to get a visa to enter the United States is very long that people started looking at other nations for employment and education purposes.

The waiting period to get the visa is around two years and irrespective of cities in the country, the waiting period is high. Talking about Hyderabad, it takes around 582 days for the aspirants to get their visa application get processed. This is mentioned by the Visa officers.

But the waiting period to get an American Visa is just two days and 450 days for Beijing and Islamabad respectively. Even for student visas, the waiting period is less for Pakistan and China.

Students from Pakistan will have to wait for just one day, while the waiting period is more than 400 days for students from Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. No one understands the logic behind this.

However, the Visa officials say that Covid had impacted the whole system and lack of the manpower is resulting in a long waiting period. It is understood that Covid is a big disaster in recent times but the massive difference between India and the other two nations in the waiting period raises a new doubt about whether America is preferring China and Pakistan over India.

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