Amid Covid threat, thousands of people attend funeral, violating Covid norms!

Tue May 11 2021 12:10:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

India is facing the toughest challenge posed by the Covid-19 in the form of a massive surge in pandemic infections and casualties. As a result, several states have imposed restrictions on public gathering so that people won't gather in big numbers.

Batting a bling eye towards the burning situation in the country and the restrictions imposed by the government, thousands of people attended the funeral of a Muslim cleric in Uttar Pradesh. Experts dubbed the funeral as a super spreader.

Going into details, Abdul Hamid Mohammad Salimul Qadri who works as a cleric passed away on Sunday afternoon. After the news broke out, thousands of people have violated the Covid-19 norms and attended his funeral.

The visuals of thousands of people have taken social media like a storm and netizens are expressing their concerns over the violation of Covid-19 norms and urged the concerned officials to take action on them.

Like several other states, restrictions were imposed in Uttar Pradesh too on public gatherings and funerals, and weddings. However, people didn’t follow the restrictions imposed by the state government.

As per the restrictions imposed by the government, more than 20 people should not attend funerals, and wearing facemask outdoors is mandatory. If caught not wearing facemasks, the violators will be slapped Rs 1,000 as a fine for the first time and from the second time, the violators will be slapped with a fine of Rs  10,000.

The super spreader event was reported at the time when Uttar Pradesh has been seeing more than 20k  new Covid infections daily. The authorities are now filing cases on people who have attended the funeral based on the visuals.