Amid Investigation, ex Minister Calls His Son Innocent!

Sun Sep 25 2022 17:33:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The saffron party BJP suffered a big shock with the son of a former Minister being named as the accused in the much-talked-about death of a teen receptionist in Uttarakhand. Bharatiya Janata Party was in power in the state and this made the criticism towards the party intense.

Ex-BJP leader Vinod Arya's son Pulkit Arya and a few others are accused of killing the teenage girl. It is said that the accused reportedly confessed to their crime in the investigation and told the investigating officers that, they pushed the girl into the water.

Adding a twist to the tale, the father of the accused boy reportedly said that his son is innocent in this case and he is a simple boy. Having said that, the former Minister reportedly said he wants justice for his son and the victim as well.

The former Minister reportedly called his son innocent and this made many wonder how he can call his son innocent even without the investigation coming to an end.

Having called his son a normal boy, the former Minister went on to say that, his son is not such a person that he would harm others and he would never indulge in such activities or incidents.

However, the opposition parties are finding fault with the former Minister and they are asking how he can pass such comments while the investigation is going on. A few even doubt that he is making such comments to give his son a positive image among the public.

The incident talks about the death of a teen whose name is Ankita. She works as a receptionist at a resort owned by the former Minister's family. It is said that she was forced to enter prostitution and out of the heated argument, she was killed.