Amid Omicron concerns 13 Air passengers test positive in Hyd

Fri Dec 03 2021 16:52:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

The new variant of Covid Omicron is ringing danger bells across the globe. Having been detected in South Africa, the variant is spreading its wings and has entered more than 20 nations already. As it was termed as the variant of concern by the WHO, all the countries are focusing on monitoring the air passengers coming from other countries.

As a piece of bad news for Telangana, one woman passenger who recently returned from the United Kingdom had tested positive for the virus. She was sent to the medical facility for quarantine after her samples were sent to the laboratory.

Increasing the fears on the new variant, as many as 13 air passengers coming from other countries were tested positive for the Coronavirus. As per the protocol, they were shifted to the medical facility and their samples were sent to Genome sequencing. Though reports are awaited, the dangerous development made everyone wait for the reports.

Karnataka had recorded two infections of the new variants already. Now all eyes are on Telangana on the new positive infections. The other day, the Telangana Health Director had warned that the new variant might enter the state if people are not cautious.