Amit Shah Is Glad His Chanakya Image Was Broken Post Maharashtra Polls

Thu Dec 19 2019 15:11:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Talking about Maharashtra's political game which witnessed many twists and turns, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said their party did not fail in the Maratha land.

"We didn't fail in Maharashtra, we got 105 seats, our alliance got a full majority -- we got 20 seats more than needed," Shah said in an interview given to a leading channel.

With the differences erupting between Shiv Sena and BJP, Shiv Sena joined hands with Congress and NCP to form the government after creating so much political drama.

"It's a good thing this image broke. The problem started with Shiv Sena's chief ministerial aspirations. There was no problem, we had 105 seats, they [Shiv Sena] had 56. We were supposed to go to the Governor. A BJP CM was to be appointed. But it was only when [Sharad] Pawar dropped kernels, the Shiv Sena lapped them up," Shah said.

"If they would have negotiated with us before polls, we'd have stepped in their direction. They should have told us about Uddhav's oath (electing a Sena CM one day) to Balasaheb before the polls," he observed.

I don't get irritated. Every party has the right to take their decisions; they can't impose theirs on us," he added.