Amit Shah-KCR Pact Behind BJP's Loss In Telangana?

Tue Dec 25 2018 16:07:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP in Telangana hoped that it will do well, get significant number of votes and decent number of seats in the just concluded elections. But, Things went awry for the BJP. The party could win just one seat and has lost even security deposits in 105 seats. Even the party's state president has lost is security deposit in these elections. This came has a rude shock for the BJP. The party's overall vote percentage too has not improved one bit. This too set the BJP leaders looking for reasons for this poor performance.

The BJP leadership feels that the talk that the BJP has secret understanding with the ruling TRS has done in. The party feels that this has made the people look at this election as a straight fight between the TRS and the Congress-led Maha Kutami. The BJP was seen as an extension of the TRS. The people did not view the BJP as a serious contender. By the time the BJP realised the mistake, it was too late. Hence, the party leaders now believe that the talk that Amit Shah and KCR has an understanding is the main reason for the party's defeat. The BJP also had no issue to go to the people, while KCR made it  look like a battle for Telangana self-respect. The BJP fell between the two stools.