Amit Shah warns Pakistan with Surgical Strike on Kashmir violence

Thu Oct 14 2021 21:14:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP senior leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached Goa today to take part in the foundation laying ceremony for the National Forensic Sciences University on Thursday. After the ceremony, he addressed the media and gave a strong warning to our neighboring nation Pakistan.

Narendra Modi's lieutenant Amit Shah had hit back at Pakistan over the attacks in Kashmir. With a strong tone, the Union Home Minister said, we will not tolerate such attacks and warned Pakistan that surgical strikes will repeat if the country won't change its behavior.

"Surgical strike under PM Modi and former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was an important step. We sent out a message that no one can disturb India's borders. There was a time for talks, But now is the time to reciprocate," Amit Shah said in Hindi addressing the event.

Amit Shah was talking about the Surgical Strikes conducted by India in 2016. India had launched the attacks to teach a lesson for Pakistan for the terrorist attacks in Uri, dubbed as Uri attacks. Not happy with Pakistan's behavior, Indian troops attacked the Pakistan Army base.

People in Pakistan woke up to the news of their army base being attacked by the Indian troops. When Pakistan condemned the attacks, India slammed the nation for its dual stand on terrorism and terrorist attacks.