Amnesia Case: Potency Test Says Accused Sexually Fit?

Thu Jun 16 2022 19:59:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

The pearl city Hyderabad reported a spine-chilling gang rape case earlier this month. Shockingly, most of the accused in the case are minors. Considering the heinous crime they committed, the cops decided that their trial should be done like adults to give them maximum punishment.

As there were reports on the sexual capabilities of the accused, the cops sought permission from the court to go for a potency test for the accused. The court said yes to the tests and the accused went sent for the tests. The test reports were out just a while ago.

As per the media reports, the reports reportedly said that the accused are sexually fit and they are capable of sexual intercourse. As the investigating officers are gearing up to file a charge sheet in this case, the potency test report is going to play a key role. Further details are awaited. It has to be mentioned here that all the accused were given to police custody.

The sensational gang gape case is dubbed as Amnesia Pub as the victim and accused met at the same pub. After meeting the victim at the pub, the accused reportedly offered her left and took her with them. But the accused sexually assaulted her.

The accused shifted her to another vehicle after reaching a bakery and took turns in raping her. Later, they left her at the same Amnesia pub. The victim called her dad and she went to her home with her dad from there.