Andhra Pradesh To Lose An Airport To Privatisation!

Mon Jan 23 2023 19:36:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Vizag Steel plant has a rich history. The factory was set up after a long fight and many people sacrificed their lives and lands. "Visakha Ukku-Andhrula Hakku" was the slogan that was used widely while protesting for the long demand of setting up a steel factory in the shore city Vizag.

Despite having such a long history the factory has been listed for privatisation. No matter how hard the locals and trade unions are protesting the union government is very adamant about privatising the establishment. The Andhra Pradesh government is not working hard on saving the factory.

As if that was not enough Andhra Pradesh is all set to lose an airport. The national media is abuzz that the Centre wants to privatise as many as 12 airports in the country and this includes the airport in the temple city of Vijayawada.

The Union Government might list the airports that might be privatized in the budget that would be presented soon. Though there is no official data on this the national media is carrying out news on this.

If the news is true then it would be a big blow for Andhra Pradesh as the state is already losing the Vizag steel plant. Now the Vijayawada airport joined the list. With this, the Centre wants to monetize the money.

The privatisation row was started by the Centre to monetize the assets so that the money can be used to improve the infrastructure. It is strange logic that the Central government gave backing the idea of private assets to gather money.