Animal Board Wants Cow Hug Day On Feb 14th Not Valentine's Day!

Thu Feb 09 2023 13:42:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The popular concept of Valentine's Day in the west is widely celebrated in India as well. While the youths celebrate the day with a lot of enthusiasm, the right-wingers have been opposing this. The likes of Bajrang Dal try to stop Valentine's day and they even perform marriage to couples who go to parks on that day.

Valentine's Day often turns controversial in India due to the contrasting ideologies of the right and others. We can say that lovers fear going to parks and other public places on this day due to Bajrang Dal. Valentine's day for this year is fast approaching.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, the Animal Welfare Board of India had come up with an idea to celebrate the day as Cow Hug Day. Saying that hugging a Cow will bring richness of emotion and collective happiness the Animal Board appealed to cow lovers to celebrate the day.

The release from the Animal Board says that Cow has a big role to play in the Indian culture and rural economy and the nature of the Cow earned the name of Gaumata and due to the rise in Western culture our vedic traditions are on the verge of extension almost.

"We all know that the cow is the backbone of Indian culture and rural economy, sustains our life, represents cattle wealth and biodiversity. It is known as 'kamdhenu' and 'gaumata' because of its nourishing nature like a mother, the giver of all providing [sic] riches to humanity," the press release says.

After the Bharatiya Janata Party came into power at the Centre, more and more measures are being taken for cows. A few BJP-ruled states are focusing on safeguarding cows and saving the species of cows. Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are a few steps ahead compared to other states in this.

Now the Animal Welfare Board of India wants everyone to celebrate the 14th of this month as 'Cow Hug Day' and not Valentine's Day. The Board said that this applies to every state and that the states should come forward to celebrate the day in a big way. The BJP-ruled states are said to have made some arrangements for this.