Another Canal Gets Damaged. What's Happening To Kaleshwaram?

Thu Jul 09 2020 10:39:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Another irrigation construction, so prestigiously taken up by the KCR government, is giving away. After the June 12 breach in the Kaleshwaram project canal near Erravelli in Kondapaka mandal and June 30 breach in Venkatapuram of Markuk mandal in Siddipet district, this is the third such major damage to the key gravity canal of the Kaleshwaram project.  The latest bad news is that the concrete lining on the gravity canal in Bhupalapally is coming off.

If the water is released from all the 17 pumps, then the canals might suffer breaches.  The attempts of the officials to apply cement coating have failed. The Gravity canal is meant to carry 3 TMC per day from Kannepally Pump House in Bhupalapalle to Annaram Barrage 13.4 km away. The gravity canal has been constructed at a cost of Rs 50 crore.  Surces say that if the water is released at a higher speed, the lining could be damaged further and this could also affect the roads constructed on both the sides of the canal.  Some engineers had initially suggested that the stone and boulder lining for the canals, but this was over ruled by the government.

Some officials admitted that the gravity canal was constructed in the forest lands and that there could be lot of termites in the sub-soil. This may have affected the overall construction quality, they said.