Another Controversy On Cheetahs, Community Writes To Modi!

Tue Sep 20 2022 17:34:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday, the Indian government brought Cheetahs from Namibia and released them at the Kuno National Park (KNP) in Madhya Pradesh. This turned political with Congress claiming credit saying that the project was first initiated by it.

Now another issue popped up after the Bishnoi community reportedly warned the Union government that they will not shy away from calling a protest if the government won't reverse the decision to feed deers to Cheetahs. A letter saying the same was sent to the Union Government reportedly.

It is said that the government decided to feed chital (spotted deer) to the Cheetahs. This did not go well with the Bishnoi community which sees deers as holy creatures as per their beliefs. The community urged the government to take back the decision.

Bishnoi Community has high respect towards the deers. The community is after Salman Khan since he has been accused of killing a black buck. It was said that the community even hired a professional killer to target Salman Khan but the plan did not go as well.

The Bishnoi Community follows the principle said by Guru Jambheshwar. Fighting for bio-diversity and encouraging good animal husbandry are among the principles endorsed by Guru Jambheshwar. Of all the animals, the community has high respect towards the deer irrespective of species.

As the community found that the Chitals are fed to the Cheetahs, the community mentioned that the species are very close to getting extinct, and feeding them to Cheetahs will reduce their count further which is not a good sign. The community asked what is the need to feed the spotted cats with Chitals.

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