Hate Crime: Another Indian Attacked In the US!

Fri Mar 17 2023 12:01:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In a shocking incident, a noted Indian actor was brutally attacked in a gym in the United States. The issue raised many eyeballs as the actor sustained serious injuries as he was stabbed by sharp weapons. There were sharp injuries on his chest, neck, and shoulder in the mishap.

Going into details, Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal was brutally attacked by an accused while he was exercising in the gym. However, there is no information on the exact motive behind the attack. The visuals of the attack were all over social media.

The visuals that are believed to be captured in the gym show the accused holding a knife-like weapon and threatening the actor. The attacker did not let the victim go despite pleading for water. Aman Dhaliwal managed to ground the attacker. He was handed over to the police as per the reports.

The spine-chilling attack on the actor had brought the focus on hate crimes in the United States. Though the motive behind the attack is not known yet, many say that the incident also falls under the hate-crime category.

The data says that hate crimes are on a rise in the United States. Asians, mainly Indians are targeted as per the data. The Law enforcement agency in America, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in its report said that the crimes increased by 12 percent in 2021.

Giving the reasons behind the attacks, the agency said that more than 64 percent of victims are targeted due to their race and identity. The hate crimes increased massively in 2020 and since then they are increasing and not coming down.

The crimes are not restricted to physical assault and attacks alone. Racial abuses, targeted attacks, and robberies are also increased. A few months back, a gang that wantedly targets Hindu women wearing ornaments was busted and arrested by the cops. The attackers said that they targeted Indian women as they wear gold ornaments.

Indians make up a big percentage of Asians who migrate to America. Despite this, they could not escape hate crimes and other attacks. Indian Origin people are in good prepositions in the Joe Biden Administration in America. But the attacks are not stopping, raising many fears and concerns among Indians there.