Another Shock To Amazon, $10 Billion Pentagon Project To Microsoft

Sat Oct 26 2019 15:46:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The US government has awarded the much-anticipated $10 billion Cloud contract for Pentagon to Microsoft. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud (JEDI) contract is part of a broader digital modernization of the Pentagon.

The Pentagon selected Microsoft and AWS, as two finalists for its $10 billion Cloud contract. The JEDI Cloud computing contract is aimed to bring the entire military under the envelope of a single cloud provider. The expected date of the project is October 24, 2029. Over the last two years, the Department of Defence has awarded more than $11 billion across 10 separate cloud contracts.

Amazon's cloud computing department is currently at the forefront of the market, Amazon has a 48% market share in cloud computing. Microsoft is next with 16 percent, according to a report. Microsoft has been maintaining good relations with the US military. Microsoft President Brad Smith says Microsoft has been providing technology to the US military for the past few years. He made it clear that it will continue to do so.