Chintamaneni Arrested Again After Getting Bail!

Tue Oct 22 2019 17:24:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

One more MLA from TDP was exposed to his illegal activities. Reportedly, Former TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar was arrested, who has been in police custody for 30 days. Almost more than half a dozen cases were filed against him.

He went absconding for a few days earlier. After knowing his whereabouts the police arrested him. It has been reported that the Police are looking for pending cases on him.

Though many cases were filed during the reign of TDP, there was no further news on that. Reportedly, there are many pending cases on him. Many of the cases were squashed as TDP was ruling then.

Interestingly, Chintamaneni is arrested in a new case this time. The local court has sent him for remand. Reportedly Chintamaneni has to be in remand till October month-end. He was sent to the district jail. He was in Police station till now and with the court order, he was shifted to jail.