Another shocker for Sharmila: Minority leader leaves YSRTP

Mon Sep 06 2021 09:12:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Here is another shocker for YS Sharmila. Even as her attempts to revive the sagging fortunes of her YSRTP in Telangana have fallen flat on their face, another key member has left the party. Ibrahim, who is a prominent figure in Mahabubnagar politics has decided to resign from the YSRCP claiming that the party does not have any policy or programme.

Ibrahim was a prominent TRS leader and had contested in the bypoll for Mahabubnagar assembly constituency. He is a well-known minority face in Mahabubnagar politics. He joined YS Sharmila's party early on and played a key role in organising party meetings in the district. However, he resigned on Sunday claiming that the hard-working cadre did not get any recognition in the party. He said the YSRCP was a directionless outfit with no organisational structure.

Ibrahim is the third prominent leader to resign from the YSRCP. First it was party's chief spokesperson Indira Shobhan. She had left the Congress to join the YSRTP. But, soon she fell out and left the party. She is now back into the Congress Party. Another prominent leader, Pratap Reddy of Chevella too has resigned from the party. Ibrahim is the third leader of importance to leave the party. Sources say that several other leaders, who joined the YSRTP in the hope that it would emerge as an alternative to the TRS, are disillusioned and are planning to quit the party.

YS Sharmila is now said to be planning to launch a 100-day yatra across Telangana. The yatra is set to begin from Chevella, the place where her father used to customarily launch all his programmes. The yatra would be launched on October 18. However, the spate of desertions from the YSRTP has put a question mark over the effectiveness of the proposed yatra.