Anti-Campaign To Dismantle The Strong Base Of YCP!

Wed Feb 01 2023 20:02:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Big wigs in the Andhra Pradesh government are saying that the ruling party is doing a big benefit for the people and the same welfare schemes will bring power to them in the next polls. While the ruling party is depending more on welfare schemes, the opposition parties are doing an anti-campaign. The experts say that the base of the party might get damaged by the campaign.

The government pinned high hopes that around 87 percent of people are getting benefited from the schemes and they will make them win the next elections. We can say that it is a positive sign for the government and no one can deny the fact.

That is the reason why the opposition parties are saying that the welfare schemes will be continued if they come to power. It is said that supporters of TDP and Janasena are doing a big campaign against the government. Experts are saying that the campaign might cause big damage.

The campaign says that Jagan has no experience in ruling and he is dependent on the welfare schemes only. The opponents are creating a hungama on social media with these posts. This will create an interest among middle-class people.

With this the government became active. The Government brought the act to fight fake posts on social media. However, the act was quashed by the High Court. But the government is arresting people who make such posts regularly.

But these posts did not stop and they even increased. It is said that the state government took the issue seriously as the posts are targeting the Chief Minister and taking a dig at his vision. So we can expect another act in this regard.

It is said that with the act, the government is hoping to restrict the anti-campaign against the government during the election season. By using the services of seniors and key leaders the government wants to bring down the campaign. The opposition parties are gathering new weapons to target the ruling party. We have to wait and see how the ruling party reacts to the serious campaign.