Anti-Hijab Protests: Hero Girl Killed By Protests?

Thu Sep 29 2022 16:01:22 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The violent protests triggered by moral policing on wearing Hijab in Iran are getting intense. The government is saying women should wear a hijab without saying any word. When a United States Journalist tried to take an interview of Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi on the ongoing protests, she was asked to wear a Hijab.

Celebrated United States Journalist Christiane Amanpour, who faced the objectionable situation said that she is not ready to wear a hijab. She hasn't only said no to this, but also scrapped the interview with the President of Iran. A President asking a journalist to wear a Hijab just for an interview says how strong, the government is on the rule to make women wear hijab.

But women and people in Iran are not supporting this and raising their voices against this. Compared to men, women are taking an active part in the anti-hijab protests and they are leading the protests to fight for their rights.

During the anti-hijab protests, a twenty-year-old woman from Iran Hadis Najafi shot to super fame by participating in the protest. The young girl was spotted tying her unscarved hair in the protest.

Now the same girl is said to have breathed her last. As per the media reports, Hadis Najafi was shot dead by the security forces while dealing with the protestors with an iron fist. Her funeral was held recently.

A few journalists shared the video in which the young woman's family can be seen crying their hearts out. One Masih Alinejad, who is a popular journalist from Iran also shared the video.

The death of the young woman while protesting for rights raised many eyeballs and people are dubbing the death an attempt to silence the voices which are fighting for rights. The locals ask how a 20-year-old woman who has a bright future can be shot dead by the security forces.

Iran is hit by the violent protests after a 22-year-old girl Masha Amini was killed in police custody. It is said that she was reportedly hit by the police for not wearing a hijab. Since then, the protests have been going on in Iran.

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