Anti-Hijab Protests In Iran Moved Global Star!

Fri Oct 07 2022 16:56:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

We have seen how the Hijab protests led to a tense situation in India. After India its the turn of Iran to see intense protests. The only difference between the two situations is that girls in India fought because they want to wear Hijabs while women in Iran are fighting to not wear Hijabs.

The protests in Iran started after a woman reportedly breathed her last after she was tortured in police custody. Since then women have been protesting against the attire and saying that the rulers have to face the consequences.

The Iran protest is sending shocking waves and one after the other celebrities are reacting to the protest and supporting the women there. Popular actress Priyanka Chopra was moved by the protest and said that she is impressed by the courage displayed by the women there.

Calling the protest in Iran the voices that are coming out after forced silence, the global star said they are fighting for a good purpose and the voice should be supported.

"Women in Iran and around the world are standing up and raising their voices, publicly cutting their hair and many other forms of protest for Mahsa Amini, whose young life was taken away so brutally by the Iranian Morality Police for wearing her hijab 'improperly'. The voices that speak after ages of forced silence, will rightfully burst like a volcano! And they will not and MUST not be stemmed," the actress said in her Instagram.

Girls and women in Iran are fighting for their rights that they are not in support of wearing Hijabs and they will not wear. It is the women's decision whether they should wear the outfit or not. Iranian women are doing the same. They are hopeful that their demand gets achieved.

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