India Is a Democracy, Any One can Become Chief Minister!

Thu Jun 23 2022 11:42:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Gali Janardhan Reddy is one of the richest politicians in recent times and he needs no introduction. More than his political career, his infamous stint as the owner of the mining firm made him shot to fame for all the wrong reasons. His illegal mining landed him and a few others in jail.

The revenue generated from the illegal mining is so huge that he spent hundreds of crores on his daughter's marriage and the much-talked-about lavish wedding took place at the costliest palace in Karnataka. No matter what the charges are against him, he remains the cult figure and some people see him as their idol.

The Ex-Cabinet Minister came out after a long time to take part in the birthday celebrations of his brother Gali Soamsekhar Reddy. After the party, Gali addressed the gathering and made some sensational comments and his comments made many heads turn.

Gali Janardhan Reddy said, he can become the Chief Minister for at least one day if he wants. But he has no interest in taking up any post. Neither the Reddy brothers nor Sri Ramulu has an interest in money and they are happy with where they are.

His comments started the debate about whether becoming the Chief Minister of the state is so easy. Despite being the largest democracy in the world, no law in India says people with a criminal background and those who face jail terms could not face the elections.

There is strong demand that the law should be made effective but in vain. Even the Supreme Court said it cannot do anything on this and that Parliament should take a call on it. But no party will agree to the law as all the parties have candidates with criminal backgrounds. The Bharatiya Janata Party which is ruling at the Centre will also not implement the same law.

On the other hand, we are seeing how the governments are being toppled and new governments are coming. From Karnataka to Rajasthan to Maharashtra the same is the case. People who can gather support are becoming Chief Ministers with horse trade putting democracy to shame. Given the name and money Gali has, he can become the CM if he gives a tough try in his state.