Ap Govt Is After Contractors For Taxes: TDP Leader!

Tue Sep 07 2021 15:24:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

The changes made by the YSRCP in the Tax system have given a chance to the opposition parties to target the government and give a voice for the people in their fight against the tax system being followed by the government.

TDP Senior leader and former Minister Atchannaidu had targeted the government over the taxes and said the government is now after the contractors and people to collect more taxes. The tax system where the tax is collected indirectly in the state is JMM.

The JMM stands for Jagan, Ministers and MLA Tax. While the Jagan Tax is collected state-wide, Minister Tax is collected at the districts, and the MLA Tax is collected at the Assembly constituency level. The indirect tax is collected in the state as per this.

We break coconuts before starting any work. But before the coconut breaking ceremony takes place, the J tax is collected from the contractors. This is making the contractors think twice before taking up any work in the state. If the same continues, no contractor will wish to come to the state for the work. Now the government is targeting Contractors for the taxes, he said.

Earlier, the government earned money from liquor, sand, and mining activities. As the new addition to this, the government is after the contractors to collect taxes from them. During his press meet, Atchannaidu made these sensational comments.