App Reunites Parents & Missing Son After 18 Years

Mon Jul 22 2019 13:36:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

A FaceApp-style Software Application helped Investigators reunite Parents with their Missing Son after 18 Years.

Way back in 2001, Yu Weifeng was abducted from a construction site when he was just 3-Years-Old. His Father used to work as a Foreman at that time. This Kidnap Case was shutdown after few years upon failing to trace the kid. The Investigators had reopened and used an AI-based Software similar to the trending FaceApp to find out how the Missing Boy would lookalike after 18 years. Finally, They were able to reach Yu Weifeng after the scrutiny of close to 100 people.

Initially, Yu Weifeng couldn't believe that he was a kidnapped child. He had no other option after the DNA report matched with his biological parents.

Yu Weifeng is currently living with his adoptive parents. He is studying in provincial capital Guangzhou. Weifeng's Biological Father claims to be grateful of his Son's Foster Parents for raising him for 18 years. He even treats the Foster Father like his Brother and declares his Son have two fathers at present. This Chinese True Story has become a Worldwide sensation.