Are Existing Multiplexes Not Enough in Hyderabad?

Sat May 07 2022 16:53:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gone are the days when movie lovers used to enjoy the film and the ambiance at the single-screen theatres. The multiplex system is taking over the industry and more and more establishments are offering their services to movie lovers. Not just that, even the stars are venturing into the multiplex business.

Talking about Hyderabad alone, we already have a bunch of multiplexes available in almost all the key areas. To take forward the multiplex culture, a few theatre chains are reportedly gearing up to bring a few more establishments and make them available for the public.

The PVR Cinemas chain is a few steps ahead compared to others in this regard. Recently, the chain had unveiled a 5-screen multiplex in the city to cement its place further as a leader in this space.

A few other chains are also believed to be in the same plans and within a year we might see new multiplexes coming into the city, reports say. The existing multiplexes in the city will do and what is the need of welcoming others is the new question that pops up here.

Having multiplexes is not wrong, but what about the ticket prices. The prices in such theatres will be quite high generally and whenever a big film gets released, the ticket rates will stay out of the reach of common people. We have seen this recently with Acharya and other films.