Are Mee Sevas Turning Out To Be Rohingya Infiltrators' Paradise?

Mon Aug 03 2020 09:28:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are the Mee Seva centres in the Old City of Hyderabad turning out to be the hotbeds for infilteration of the Rohingyas? It appears so. Some Mee Seva Centres in the Old City of Hyderabad are helping the Rohingya infiltrators from Myanmar to get Aadhar cards and are enabling them to avail all the benefits meant for the rightful citizens of the country.

The police recently arrested one Khadeeruddin, who runs a Mee Seva centre. During the interrogation, it came to light that a Rohingya infiltrator identified as Mohammed Farooq was given shelter on the outskirts of the Old City of Hyderabad and using the power bills of the rented house, Farooq obtained Aadhar Card. In all this Khadeeruddin provided the logistic help. It also came to light that several such Mee Seva Centres in the old city are helping the Rohingyas pose as Bengalis and obtain Aadhar Card. The Aadhar card enables them to avail all the benefits of the government schemes. A very powerful racket seems to be operating in the city to help the illegal Rohingyas avail state government's benefits.

The police said that the Rohingyas are managing to get ration card and even passport using the fake Aadhar cards. Many Rohingyas have left for countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE.