Are Reddys in Rayalaseema unhappy with YSRCP?

Wed Oct 20 2021 17:50:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

A heated debate is ongoing over the rumblings in Rayalaseema region over the YS Jagan's governance model. Rayalaseema is backward, financially weak and is lacking in resources. As a result, it did not match pace with the pace of the other regions of the state. So, the backwardness of the region is becoming a hot topic of discussion.

From 1994, the state is being ruled by the leaders from Rayalaseema. It was Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy, then Chandrababu Naidu, then YS Rajasekhara Reddy, then Kiran Kumar Reddy and now YS Jagan. All these are from Rayalaseema. Except K Rosaiah, who ruled the state for a brief period, all the CMs are from Rayalaseema. Yet, the region remained backward.

Regardless of who ruled the state, the Reddy community got the pride of place in Rayalaseema. This was first interrupted by the Chandrababu rule during 2014 and 2019. During this period, the Chandrababu rule clearly preferred Kamma community. The Reddys felt slighted and this led to a reverse mobilisation in favour of the YSRCP. As a result, the YSRCP has swept the 2019 elections. Kammas and the TDPwere rejected across the state and only three MLAs – Chandrababu, Payyavula, Balakrishna –managed to scrape through.

But, two years into the YSRCP rule, the Reddy community is said to be unhappy. They feel that their importance has gone down because of the village volunteer system that YS Jagan has put in place. As a result, several sulking Reddy leaders are said to be moving away from the YSRCP. Some have gone back to the TDP, but others like DL Ravindra Reddy are biding their time. It remains to be seen how caste dynamics will play out in the days to come. The Jagan government still has two years time and one has to see how it does a course correction during this time.