Are T journalists turning against TRS?

Wed Aug 17 2022 11:52:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The internal core teams of the ruling TRS are alarmed by the fact that more and more journalists are turning away from the party. Many have stopped supporting the TRS and some have already begun speaking against the ruling dispensation. Even the media coverage, which was fully pro-TRS, has changed these days.

The party's think -tanks reportedly suggested to the TRS top leadership to rebuild bridges with the media houses in general and the journalists in particular. In 2019 and 2020, the media was totally pro-TRS. It hyped up KCR's press meets and gave live coverage. Ant-TRS news was consigned to the inside pages and to single columns.

But the things have changed from January 2022. The coverage of both the Congress and the BJP has increased. The public meetings of the Congress and the yatra of BJP's Bandi Sanjay have begun getting better coverage. The victories of the BJP in both Dubbak and Huzurabad too have changed the situation.

However, TRS think-tanks have warned the TRS leadership that the journalists are unhappy with the TRS as the health cards issued by the government are not being accepted by the private hospitals in the state. At the same time, the issue of entry into the legislative assembly and housing schemes for the journalists have also been long-pending. This has given rise to heartburn among the journalists.

A large number of journalists are also unhappy with the abusive language used by top TRS leaders towards them. All these are alienating the journalists from the party, the think-tank reportedly said. The think-tank advised the party to mend fences with the journalists as they play a key role in building perceptions ahead of the 2023 elections.