Are There Secrets That People Don't Know About Covid-19?

Sun Mar 29 2020 18:03:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Novel Corona Virus Covid-19 has become the biggest pandemic ever since the World War-2. Entire World is shaken up and everyone is forced to stay home for days together.

Nobody can estimate the correct time, when the lockdown will end and when everyone will be back to their regular life style.

Many are wondering if the Phase-3 of spread hits India, can the country face the problem without panicking. Already Delhi Government is facing huge problems with not being able to arrange food for the migrant workers.

Most of them are stuck at Anand Vihar Bus Station and some are walking back to their villages unable to find money or transport facility to reach their homeland.

Now, some scientists are saying that the virus in India, could transmit from one person to another through eyes or touching the eyes as well.

Most of them did say from the start to wash our face and avoid touching eyes but, there were rumours that the virus will only spread through air droplets.

Well, there are still many unknown facts about the Covid-19 and people trying to use the lockdown period as holidays, is bugging everyone as new scary information is being released everyday.

We request you to Stay Home and Stay Safe, until we can find a clear cut solution to the issue.