Are Vallabhaneni Vamsi And Kodali Nani No Longer Friends

Tue Dec 07 2021 12:02:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Have best buddies for years – Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Kodali Nani – fallen out? Are both  not on talking terms? Those who are considered close to both the leaders confirm that both are not on best of terms. They said that differences developed after the recent incident of abuse of Nara Bhuvaneswari on the floor of the assembly.

After the Nandamuri family reacted very strongly to the Bhuvaneswari episode, Vamsi is feeling isolated. There have also been attempts to completely boycott both Vamsi and Kodali Nanni with the Kamma Community. While Kodali Nani said he cared two hoots for the community, Vamsi appears to have mellowed down considerably. He has openly apologised for the comments.

More importantly, even the YSRCP leaders are trying to claim that Vamsi, who made these comments, was a TDP MLA and not a YSRCP leader. Even Kodali Nani has said that why should he be blamed for what Vamsi has said about Bhuvaneswari. When YSRCP MLAs Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy and Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy said that Vamsi did not belong to their party,  Nani did not even intervene. All these are giving rise to the doubts that all is not well between both Nani and Vasmi.

Sources say that Vamsi is feeling isolated. He is not yet a formal member of the YSRCP and at the same time, though technically he is a member of the TDP, he is not exactly welcome into the party. So he is neither here nor there. He is said to be sore that even Nani is not coming to his rescue, sources say.