Arvind Kejriwal's nomination filing drama!!

Wed Jan 22 2020 09:37:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Filing of nominations usually is a normal process. When VIPs file nominations, there has never been any rush. They go, file the nomination papers, pose for a pic and speak to the media outside the returning officer's office. But, with Kejriwal, things are different. When he went to file his nomination papers at Jamnagar House election office, there was a long queue of the people filing nominations. There were sixty of them waiting to file nomination papers. Kejriwal too was given a token and he waited for three hours to file his papers.

But, one wonders how CM's entourage did not inform him about the rush at the election office. Why did CM wait for so long in the election office? Isn't it a security risk for a VIP to wait for so long in an unsecured room? How come CM did not know of the rush? Was there action against the officials who did not inform the CM about the rush? On Monday, he took out a road show and the welcome was "so huge" that he could not file his nomination papers. Did this happen to any politician anytime in the past?

As expected, the AAP has blamed the BJP and the Congress for the unusual rush at the election office. What would the Opposition gain from this? All that they can do is to delay the filing of nominations. How will that benefit the BJP or the Congress? So, one wonders if this is not one of those "Mufflerwala" tactics so typical of Arvind Kejriwal?