After field assistants Arya Vysyas too threaten to contest Huzurabad polls en masse

Mon Jul 26 2021 19:26:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Election time is the time when the people put forth demands and communities raise issues. Every community comes up with demands and wants them to be fulfilled before the elections. The vote banks know that is the time when their pressure tactics work and the parties and candidates bend backward to fulfil their demands.

With the Huzurabad byelections fast approaching, there are demands galore. While the ruling party is coming up with schemes like the Dalit Bandhu and sheep rearing scheme to cater to the Dalits, Yadava and Kuruma groups. The schemes will directly benefit these communities. So, other communities too will jump into the fray with demands.

The Arya Vysya traders community has raised the issue of a separate corporation for the Vysyas. It says CM KCR had promised a corporation for the Vysya community. The Arya Vysyas threatened to put up 500 candidates if the government does not constitute the Vysya Corporation and allocate Rs 10000 crore for the corporation. It said that the government was duping the Arya Vysyas by doling out some positions to a handful of Arya Vysyas. The community is facing several problems and the government is doing nothing for the community, the Arya Vysyas say.

Similarly, the Field Assistants Association has threatened to put up 1000 candidates in the byelections. They said that if the 7600 sacked field assistants are not taken back into the duties, they would put up 1000 candidates and stall the election. It may be recalled that as many as 175 turmeric farmers had filed their nominations for the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat in 2019 elections. This has led to the defeat of Kalwakuntla Kavitha. Now the field assistants and Arya Vysyas are trying to implement the same strategy to defeat the TRS, sources said.