As Etela anticipated, TRS leaders unleashed an attack on him!

Tue May 04 2021 17:19:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

The outspoken nature of former Minister Etela Rajender who was kicked out of cabinet recently is facing the after-effects of his comments as the TRS leaders are targeting him.

The ruling TRS, which kept its silence over Etela Rajender's allegations, had started speaking and the party had turned offensive towards the former Health Minister with harsh comments.

The likes of Koppula Eshwar, Gangula Kamalakar, and state planning board vice chairman B Vinod Kumar have lashed out at Etela. The comments from them are no surprise as Etela had earlier predicted that his party leaders might target him.

Proving his predictions true, the TRS leaders are targeting him. Rubbishing Etela's comments that he had made many sacrifices for the Telangana movement, the leaders said, he didn't make any sacrifices for the Telangana movement or the TRS party.

BC Welfare Minister Koppula Eshwar said over the years, Etela was encouraged in the party and he held various positions in the party. He started off as the floor leader in the Assembly and was made the Cabinet Minister.

Adding further, the Minister said, despite getting full encouragement from the party, Etela has misused the opportunities and benefited personally.

Coming down against Etela Rajender, Gangula Kamalaka termed the former Minister a fake Mudiraj, who was not interested in encouraging the BCs to help them grow politically.

He alleged that Etela enjoys friendly relations with the opposition leaders and said he has no right to criticise KCR. Etela Rajender is wrongly imagining himself as a big leader.

The TRS leaders found fault with Etela Rajender purchasing assigned lands and endowment lands. Instead of responding to the complaints raised on him over the lands, Etela is making false allegations against CM KCR, who has supported him since his initial days, they said.