As Ramana hogs limelight, Kaushik Reddy finds future dark

Fri Jul 16 2021 11:29:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has Revanth Reddy effectively finished off the political career of Kaushik Reddy? Has Kaushik Reddy's political career hit a road block due to his acts of indiscretion? If all went well as per plan, Friday would have been a red-lettered day for Kaushik Reddy. He would have made a big bang announcement and would have joined the TRS in the presence of no less a person than KCR himself.

But, Kaushik's joining of the TRS did not happen as he was exposed of double-dealing with both the Congress and the TRS. The Congress has not only leaked his audio clips, where he was heard telling Congress workers that he was going to be the TRS candidate and wanted them to join him, bu also suspended him quickly from the party. With the surprise element gone and with Kaushik exposed as a double-dealer, the TRS now does not have any value for him. Allowing him into the TRS at this stage could prove counter-productive for the TRS. So, the TRS backed off, leaving Kaushik Reddy in the lurch.

But, Revanth Reddy's clever game had Kaushik Reddy clean-bowled. On Friday, even as Kaushik Reddy is nursing the wounds inflicted by Revanth Reddy, TDP Telangana former chief L Ramana is all set to join the party. So, the limelight would be only on Ramana. Had Kaushik been there, he would have hogged the limelight.

Now, Kaushik cannot even go back to the Congress, which has shut its doors on him. What more, he now faces a defamation case as Congress Telangana affairs incharge Manickam Tagore is upset over Kaushik's comments that he was bribed to back Revanth Reddy. He has already slapped a defamation case and there are no signs of his mellowing down. So, it's double whammy for Kaushik Reddy. It appears Kaushik Reddy's career has touched a nadir.