As a surprise move, Anupam Kher turns critical of Centre

Thu May 13 2021 13:59:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ace Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is a supporter of Prime Minister of Indian Narendra Modi. There were instances, where the actor showered praises on the saffron party and Narendra Modi.

In a rather shocking and surprising development, the actor has come down severely on the Union Government over Covid-19 management. Anupam Kher said the Centre has slipped somewhere in dealing with the crisis.

Speaking to a leading National News Channel, Mr. Kher said, holding the Centre responsible for the crisis is important. The Centre has somewhere slipped in handling it and the government should understand that more than image building there is much more to do.

Adding further, the actor said, as people, we should get angry at the government over the crisis in the country.

Replying to the question of, families hit by Covif begging for bed facilities at the hospitals and corpses being found in water bodies, Anupam Kher said, the criticism against the Centre is valid.

However, the national award-winning actors also said that it is not right for another political party to use the incident of dead bodies floating for their political gain.

Mr. Kher became critical of BJP weeks after he was criticized for making a tweet claiming that Narendra Modi will come to power next time too. Aayega toh Modi hi, his tweet reads.

Now the actor became vocal of the Center and observed that the Centre has slipped in handling the Covid-19 crisis. BJP supporters wonder what made the actor change his perspective towards the Centre.

Since the Covid second wave has started, PM Modi has been accused of not handling the Covid crisis effectively, which resulted in the massive growth of Covid deaths and cases in the country.

Several hospitals across the country are gasping for medical oxygen. With a shortage of oxygen, patients are losing their lives. Several such incidents were reported so far.